Our Commitments to Our Community

Vision: BBBST builds thriving communities by empowering lives through mentorship.

Mission: We commit to improving the lives of Toronto youth by delivering the highest quality of volunteer-based mentoring programs.

Values: At our core, we will lead with unwavering, integrity, trust and respect. In our essence we thrive with transparency, communication, growth, collaboration and accountability.

Statement on Reconciliation Work

Our reconciliation journey began with our 2022 accountability statement to our Indigenous partnerships, to the Indigenous youth and mentors we work with and to each other was focused on learning. This began with monthly workshops on land acknowledgements, deepening our knowledge of the colonial history and exploring our familial and kinship ties. We focused on two main calls to action from the TRC: number 57 that reads all federal public servants have a duty to learn about the history and reality of Indigenous Peoples in Canada and number 92 calling on the corporate sector to adopt and provide education on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. 

These new efforts are transitioning our accountability statement into an action plan. This is evident in BBBST’s Indigenous focused collaborations with Native child family services and the implementation of new programming  for up to 50 students in two Indigenous education lead schools in the TDSB, Eastview public school and Wandering Spirit. This is a non-gendered group mentoring program where two mentors deliver weekly workshops focusing on self-esteem, self-image and building positive relationships for youth in Grades 6-8.

The BBBST ! AM Initiative

We recognize the importance of language, and its impact on inclusivity and identity erasure. We acknowledge how our organizational name re-enforces the gender binary and fails to honour Trans, non-binary and gender diverse identities and we are actively advocating for change. We welcome mentors and mentees who are 2SLGBTQIA+, and we are proud to have 2SLGBTQIA+ staff leading our ! AM initiative – developing intentional and inclusive programs for mentees and mentors of the community.

Learn more about the BBBST ! AM Initiative.

Anti-Black Racism Statement and Work

At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto (BBBST), we acknowledge that Anti-Black Racism affects Black Communities. We are dedicated to work as a collective to making a real difference. We are fully committed to addressing Anti-Black Racism within our organization.

At BBBST, we are integrating Anti-Black Racism initiatives into everything we do. This includes forming a committee with sub-committees focusing on key areas like Human Resources, Curriculum Development, Marketing and Communications, Partnerships, and Community Engagement.

As we actively seek to learn and engage with Black communities to better meet their needs, we promise to take the necessary steps to create a more inclusive, accessible, and supportive environment. We will also work on amplifying Black voices and increasing their visibility at BBBST.

This commitment is our promise to do the necessary work to bring about lasting change.


At Our Core, we will lead with unwavering


Embrace courage. Let honesty guide our actions. Work with purpose and principle.


Be honest. Show and receive vulnerability. Believe in each others’ abilities. Create a safe space to honour EDI.


We are equals. Recognize and appreciate one another. Be kind. Listen intently without prejudice. Honour the land we are on.

In Our Essence, we thrive with


Be direct and forthcoming. Say what you need to succeed. Disclose when you can, say when you can’t.


Honour respectful exchange. Listen with open mind and compassion. Speak our truth.


Pro-actively develop and learn from mistakes. Find comfort in the discomfort.


Ask curious questions. Share power. Actively listen to one another and approach with openness.


Expect and accept responsibility. Be bold in your role. Own your personal and professional growth.


Children and Youth

We commit to the highest quality of mentoring programs that are relevant, safer, and inclusive

Parents/ Guardians

We commit to increasing the engagement of parents/guardians by building trust, providing support, and increasing connections


We commit to excellence in the volunteer journey with improved communication, training, and overall experience

Community Partners

We commit to intentionally collaborating with our community partners, to show up, build trust and work together for reciprocal learning


We commit to evolving our brand to be relevant, modern, and inclusive

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI)

We commit to the integration of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in all aspects of our work


We commit to making decisions with children and youth at the centre

Return on Investment

We commit to being an evidence-based intervention with proven return on investment


We commit to living our values, providing opportunities and tools for staff to be successful


We commit to being a best-in-class employer in the sector

Mentoring Sector

We commit to being the leading voice in the mentoring sector by sharing knowledge and expertise