Black History Month

We celebrate Black History Month to shine light on the remarkable stories, achievements, and resilience of Black communities. The goal of this month is to foster awareness, unity, and celebrate the shared appreciation for the diverse past and present contributions that Black communities have on Canadian history.

We’ll be sharing resources, knowledge and stories about Black history from our BBBST community, Canada and around the world.

Anti-Black Racism Statement and Work

At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto (BBBST), we acknowledge that Anti-Black Racism affects Black Communities. We are dedicated to work as a collective to making a real difference. We are fully committed to addressing Anti-Black Racism within our organization.

At BBBST, we are integrating Anti-Black Racism initiatives into everything we do. This includes forming a committee with sub-committees focusing on key areas like Human Resources, Curriculum Development, Marketing and Communications, Partnerships, and Community Engagement.

As we actively seek to learn and engage with Black communities to better meet their needs, we promise to take the necessary steps to create a more inclusive, accessible, and supportive environment. We will also work on amplifying Black voices and increasing their visibility at BBBST.

This commitment is our promise to do the necessary work to bring about lasting change.