At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto (BBBST), we have an unwavering commitment to build thriving communities. Communities where children and youth have the opportunity to explore their potential and excel in life. We achieve this through meaningful mentoring relationships, because we know that a positive and caring adult can play an essential role in empowering youth.

At BBBST, we provide young people who have faced adverse childhood experiences with a caring and positive adult mentor. To do this, we rely on the support of strong and committed donors and community partners. We are excited to have found such a partner in AIM Recycling. AIM believes in the importance of civic engagement and understands that community-minded giving starts in one’s own community. “Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto and their mission is something that we at AIM believe in and we want to support,” says Corey Cooper, Director of Marketing at AIM Recycling.

A strong voice in advocating our mission came in the form of AIM Recycling’s very own Director of Marketing, Corey Cooper. As a father of BBBS Little Noah, Corey had seen firsthand the positive impact mentoring can have on a child. Informed by his own experience, he was able to speak on how a supportive mentor has the power to change the trajectory of a child’s life.

“After my wife Erin and her ex-partner separated, Noah had a very difficult time adjusting. No matter how much Erin tried, there was something missing, and she knew she wasn’t able to provide the missing piece. She realized that Noah needed a positive male role model in his life. That’s when she heard about the Big Brothers Big Sisters program through a friend”, says Cooper. “Noah’s Big, Hani, is fantastic. The two of them found a special bond and their relationship has grown in a way that allows Noah to discuss things with Hani that he’s maybe not comfortable discussing with Erin or myself. The two of them talk almost every day.”

Having witnessed the evolution of his son’s mentoring relationship, Cooper is very aware of the difference positive mentoring can make in a young person’s life. “What the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program does is help the Littles realize that it’s okay to open up to somebody else because there are people out there who don’t want anything from you other than your happiness. The program gave Noah the opportunity to bond with another individual; someone who can be a positive role model in his life beyond the family he lives with, which I think is so important. I can speak for Noah when I say that he wouldn’t have the confidence he has today without the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program.”

To mark their partnership with BBBST in support of our mentoring initiatives, AIM Recycling donated $100,000 in early 2022 towards a mentoring cohort. “BBBST’s mentoring cohort for Littles truly reflects the belief system of AIM and of those who work here; I am proud to be a part of the fundraising efforts,” says Cooper. This investment enables BBBST to support 13 children and youth across Toronto over the next three years and provide them with a Big, who will empower them to reach their full potential.

“At AIM Recycling, we share Big Brothers Big Sisters’ vision of building thriving communities by empowering lives through mentorship. As one of North America’s most sophisticated metal recyclers, our goal is to not only be a leader throughout our industry but to inspire those within the communities we operate to help make a difference. We are proud to be a part of the BBBST Little Cohort fundraising efforts and are honored to have been given the opportunity to assist in providing the mentorship and support needed to help these children and youth reach their full potential.”
– Luke Karaim, VP of Ontario at AIM Recycling

“As a child or a youth, it is important to know that there are organisations out there that support you and are invested in improving not only your mental health but your well-being overall. And I think that is one of the most fantastic things that the Big Brothers Big Sisters program does. They have given me the opportunity to watch my son grow and mature in a positive way.”

On behalf of our Littles, their families, and their Bigs, we would like to thank AIM Recycling for their generosity. Your mission to be there for and give back to your community will enable us to empower children and youth to achieve their full potential, allowing them to thrive. Thank you for standing by our side as we support young people in our city in overcoming their adversities and finding success and happiness in their lives!