BBBST volunteers focus on developing caring relationships that help young people thrive, learn, discover, and often times, simply have fun. Soon enough, we will extend our mentorship model to include Bigs – this time as the mentee!

Through a partnership with Coke Canada Bottling, BBBST is piloting a career mentorship program for volunteers called “The Big Network.” Our goal is to connect Bigs with corporate Canada so that volunteers can find their own trusted mentor to help them thrive, learn, and discover. Coke Canada Bottling is helping us build a career mentor/mentee matching website to connect young Canadians with an experienced employee in their sector of interest.

Whether it is seeking general career advice, practical resume or interview tips, or learning the ins and outs about your dream job, there are countless studies showing the benefits of career mentorship to a person’s professional success. We know that individuals with a career mentor are more likely to apply for positions outside of their comfort zone and more likely to receive job promotions, all while building a relationship with an individual who will advise, listen, and advocate.

We worked with a pilot group of Coke Canada Bottling employees and some of BBBST’s Bigs to test what career mentorship can look like. Meet one of our matches: Kate, Market Manager at Coke Canada Bottling, and Alex, Project Manager and Big of 4 years!

Starting a new role in Project Management one week after her mentorship call with Kate, it was great timing for Alex to gain some career insights from an established project manager.

“It was a really great experience and I really enjoyed it! Kate is engaging, smart, funny, and inspirational. We talked about her experiences and I felt like I took a lot away from it.

Kate is an amazing leader and wears many different hats, both professionally and personally. As a female, it’s always great chatting with strong, empowering, and smart females in leadership roles, especially in large corporations.

Thank you to both BBBST and Coke for this opportunity to connect with Kate. I’ve been with BBBST for over 4 years as a “Big” Mentor and it’s nice to be the mentee for once!”

As many of our Bigs know, mentors gain just as much from their connection to their mentee and find the experience equally rewarding. Kate told us:

“We both came out of the conversation with lots of take a ways, but what I will say is this was such an amazing experience. I’m just really happy to have been matched with Alex and to play a small part in her career journey. I’ve told her that the door is open if she ever wants to reach out and chat again. We definitely had a few laughs and such a great conversation, the 1.5 hours went by very fast. Lastly, I want to pass on a sincere thank you for this opportunity. What a great experience!”

Our next step includes building the career mentorship platform to connect volunteers with corporate Canada! Thank you to Coke Canada Bottling for your employee mentorship expertise and helping us build a meaningful career mentorship program that will further empower our own volunteers to thrive!