When we grow in life, we may accept new habits, attitudes, and experiences, but who we are at the core endures far longer. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto has always believed that positive growth is what every young person needs to learn that their life and their experiences have value. Seeding this growth has long been the cornerstone of what we do, as taking the time to mentor a young person in need begins a powerful stage in the lives of everyone involved. 

Every once in a while, our organization makes an empowering change in order to grow. The newly designed Big Brothers Big Sisters look is not a mere cosmetic change made to help it stand out in the marketplace – it is a reflection of what Big Brothers Big Sisters stands for. 

Our newly designed logo represents The Power of Three – The Family, The Organization, The Big – that are the core of BBBST’s mission. Together, these three assets will ignite the potential of youth;  the participation of the family in the BBBST mentorship program; the BBBST organization that brings mentors and youths together; and the Big Brothers and Big Sisters themselves, whose mentorship can show a Little just how much power they had inside themselves all along.

The Power of Three does more than just lay out our objective in a simple fashion – it drives home the essential message that we are all in this together. Mentoring Littles is a joint effort between families, the Big Brothers Big Sisters agency, and mentors (or Bigs) themselves. The results of mentoring are paid in kind over time, not just to the Littles, but to everyone whose lives are touched by the program. These efforts don’t just result in stronger Littles, but a stronger community – one where people work together to shape a newer, braver future; one more unified, more supportive and more hopeful than what has come before it. 

This effort begins with you. Once you take the time to volunteer, the rewards will be more and more apparent in your life, and you will learn more than ever before that this connection we share is one of humankind’s most valuable gifts. 

We – and the Littles – look forward to hearing from you.